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General Studies

General Studies Degree Programs

A well-rounded education now can help you achieve career-long success!

The truth is simple: To make your way and be successful in this world, you need to earn your degree. Knowledge is indeed power. It’s the power to earn more. It’s the power to live better. It’s the power to pursue your dreams.

But what if you don’t know what career path is right for you? Or worse, what if you know, but you can’t seem to find a degree that will help you reach your specific career goals and objectives?

We get it. That’s why University of the ABC offers general studies degree programs. In addition to providing a traditional and foundational liberal arts education, your program offers a number of elective spots, helping you customize your curriculum with coursework in multiple disciplines. Bottom line, you customize your education to your specific career focus.

From a foundation of academic excellence, to a faculty who are experts in their fields, to picking the classes that suit your needs best, you’ll earn the education and get the help you need to succeed in class and in your chosen career.

Let University of the ABC help you explore a brighter career path. Choose a program below to learn more:

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