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Supply Chain and Logistics

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Supply Chain and Logistics Certificate Overview

With the Supply Chain and Logistics Certificate programs at Georgia Tech, you can take your skills in management, analytics, and logistics to the next level. Transform your ability to manage supply chains, execute business plans, and address the challenges of working in a global sourcing environment. No matter where you are in your career, our certificate programs can help you reach the next level.

The Supply Chain and Logistics certificate program at Georgia Tech consists of nine specialized certificate programs with over 30 courses.

Choose from the following Supply Chain and Logistics Certificates:

• Distribution Operations Analysis and Design
• Health & Humanitarian Supply Chain Management
• Logistics Fundamentals
• Procurement and Supply Management Leadership
• Supply and Demand Planning
• Supply Chain Analytics Professional
• Supply Chain Fundamentals
• Supply Chain Management
• Supply Chain Project Management 999 Certificate

Supply Chain and Logistics Course Highlights

Inventory Management
Learn the basics of inventory control, including types and uses, planning, accuracy, and metrics associated with inventory management.

Warehousing Operations
Gain a solid foundation in warehouse and distribution operations in this well-rounded overview of essential skills and processes.

Machine Learning Applications for Supply Chain Planning
Gain a solid comprehension of machine learning, where algorithms learn patterns to support sound decision-making in supply chain management.

Career Outcomes for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that logisticians, who oversee a company’s supply chain, are projected to earn a median salary of $77,030 between 2021-2031. Job growth for this occupation is projected to grow 28% during the same time, which is significantly faster faster than the average growth – which is around 5 percent according to O*Net – for other occupations. As businesses increasingly rely on logistics professionals to keep their operations running smoothly, the demand for these skilled professionals is expected to remain strong.  

Why Choose Georgia Tech?

Career-Focused Programs

Every program at Georgia Tech is designed with career development in mind. Experience a high level of academic excellence, no matter which professional education program you choose.

Innovative Online Learning Tools

Learn at your own pace with the latest online learning technology.

Professional Credentials

Gain a competitive edge when applying for higher level positions with certificates in specialized areas.

World-Class Instructors

Learn from instructors with years of experience in their field, who teach from a real-world perspective.

Prepare for Career Advancement

No matter where you are in your career, Georgia Tech can help you develop the knowledge and skills to pursue management-level supply chain and logistics careers. Opt in to learn more about these specializations and signing up for our upcoming sessions.

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