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Lead the way to success for your company, your team and your career!

Whether you are a seasoned pro or you’re just starting out, the right education can help you excel at every stage of your business career.

And the right education is what you can expect with your online business degree program from University of the ABC.

From business basics to executive-level leadership skills, you’ll find your professional development solution here. Our online programs combine academic excellence, entrepreneurial insights, business best practices and a faculty of industry experts to give you the well-rounded education you need to succeed in the classroom and advance your career for years to come.

Executive Program Format

Executive Programs are available for international students with a valid F1 visa, and include a hybrid course format designed for international graduate students studying in the U.S.  Executive Program students take three (3) courses per semester: fall, spring and summer and are required to attend an intensive on campus residency weekend as part of their course enrollment each term.   

Let University of the ABC help you explore a brighter career path. Choose a program below to learn more:

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