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Occupational Safety and Health

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Occupational Safety and Health Program Overview

Georgia Tech’s OSHA Training Institute Education Center (OTIEC) has been providing applicable, up-to-date, and effective safety and health training courses for more than 25 years. The OTIEC at Georgia Tech offers more than 50 different courses, both in-person and online, with over 200 dates to choose from each year. All the courses are offered in Atlanta and many of them are taught at 11 additional sites throughout the Southeast. Any of our courses can also be brought to your facility as onsite contract offerings.

The OSHA certificates at Georgia Tech are excellent ways to show employers you are an expert in specialized areas of workplace safety and skilled in both developing and following guidelines and regulations. These certificates will give you the knowledge to better protect yourself, your coworkers, and your workplace environment. Plus, they demonstrate to prospective employers that you have the knowledge and skills for management-level roles in a wide variety of health and industrial-based settings.

oSHA certificate programs

Georgia Tech offers the following OSHA certificate programs:

  • Advanced Construction Safety and Health Certificate
  • Advanced Industrial Safety and Health Certificate
  • Advanced Safety and Health Management Certificate
  • Construction Safety and Health Certificate
  • Facilities Maintenance Safety Certificate
  • Hazardous Materials Management Certificate
  • Industrial Safety and Health Certificate
  • Premier Occupational Safety and Health Certificate
  • Process Safety Management Certificate
  • Safety and Health Management Certificate
  • Selected Topics in Occupational Health Certificate

Each certificate program is offered through Georgia Tech’s OSHA Training Institute Education Center (OTIEC). The cost of the program is dependent on the course load. Georgia Tech offers a full spectrum of certificate programs for students looking for an affordable way to get the specialized OSHA training they need to excel in their careers.

OSHA Course Highlights

Guide to Industrial Hygiene
Understand basic OSHA standards, respiratory protection, exposure limits, engineering controls, and regulations and procedures.

Managing Environmental Compliance
Learn the resources to keep track of ever-changing regulations that impact your industry and organization.

Machinery and Machine Guard Standards
Become familiar and comfortable working with common machinery, with a competent knowledge base of safety procedures and machine guarding methods.

Advanced Safety Management
Gain a concrete understanding of performance principles, brain-centered hazards, and safety leadership techniques.

Why Choose Georgia Tech?

Career-Focused Education

Programs are designed to help students achieve career outcomes that can lead to advanced positions and management-level roles.

Innovative Online Learning Tools

Learn at your own pace with the latest online learning technology.

World-Class Instructors

Learn from instructors with years of experience in their field, who teach from a real-world perspective.

Supportive Student Services

Support for students from the beginning of their journey through graduation, setting them up for further career success.

Student Spotlight

”By taking the CHST course at Georgia Tech, I learned that if you’re going to be a safety professional, you need to be a leader. If you exhibit leadership skills, your workers are going to follow because they trust you know what you’re talking about. And that’s a big thing in this field: trust, trust, trust.”

Ryan Mack, Safety Director, Jollay Masonry

Prepare for Career Advancement

No matter where you are in your career, Georgia Tech can help you earn the OSHA certifications you need to advance in health and safety-related roles. Opt in to learn more about the certificate programs and courses that align with your career path, or find out more about the cost, curriculum and delivery format.

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