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Manufacturing Leadership Certificate Overview

Gain the technical knowledge to move into supervisory and management roles in manufacturing from Georgia Tech. Our Manufacturing Leadership Certificate program prepares students to lead, improve, and sustain long-term operational success in a variety of industrial settings.

You’ll learn practical skills that will help you as a new or emerging leader in plant operations and engineering management. Learn to create a culture of continuous improvement with process and technology integration, metrics-driven ideas, and measurable goals that increase revenue and create efficiencies.

Manufacturing Leadership Curriculum Highlights

Leading for Organizational Excellence
Learn to understand the basic framework of leadership by learning to build effective teams in your organization.

Root Cause Analysis
Focus on addressing persistent issues in your organization by identifying their root causes and finding effective solutions.

Internal Quality Auditing
Use auditing techniques to evaluate, problem-solve, and increase overall performance.

Lean Tools for Product Development
Apply the principles of lean product development to streamline the development flow from project management to product readiness.

Career Outcomes in manufacturing leadership

Industrial Production Managers are essential to the success of modern industrial-based businesses. With your Manufacturing Leadership certificate or lean and quality management courses, you can supervise and manage a wide variety of industrial settings. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for Industrial Production Managers was $103,150 in May 2021. This is just one example of the many roles that you can succeed in after enhancing your training with Georgia Tech.

Benefits of Choosing Georgia Tech

Professional Credentials

Each certificate program is designed for the requirements and qualifications employers expect from manufacturing professionals.

Career-Focused Education

Students at Georgia Tech receive education designed for career outcomes and skills that today’s employers need.

World-Class Faculty

Every program at Georgia Tech is taught by faculty with years of experience in their field, giving students real-world insight as they learn.

Top-Ranked Programs

Georgia Tech offers learners a high level of academic excellence, no matter which program they choose.

Prepare for Career Advancement

No matter where you are in your manufacturing career or education, opt in using the form above to learn more about these professional courses!

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