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Food and Beverage

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Food and Beverage Safety Overview

The specialized Food and Beverage Safety courses at Georgia Tech cover a wide range of essential food safety disciplines and compliance requirements mandated by governmental agencies. They include learning about current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and understanding the health and safety risks associated with food and beverage manufacturing. Courses also help students learn how to develop an allergen control program, create recall and crisis management programs, and gain other critical skills.

The Food and Beverage Safety courses are taught by experienced faculty with a curriculum that blends lectures, class discussions, and hands-on exercises.

Georgia Tech offers the following Food and Beverage Safety courses:

• Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
• Food Allergens
• Food Facility and Cleaning and Sanitation
• Food Microbiology and Controlling Microbial Hazards
• Food Recall and Crisis Management

Food and Beverage Safety Courses

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
Learn the requirements for preventative controls for food, and the potential hazards that can occur during food production.

Food Allergens
Develop an Allergen Control program, while maintaining accurate records, performing employee training, and completing additional critical tasks.

Food Facility and Cleaning and Sanitation
Learn the components needed to create and maintain an effective Sanitation Program. This course will also serve as a foundational prerequisite program for any HACCP and Food Safety Plan.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Learn to understand common hazards and develop a HACCP plan that fits your organization, according to current government requirements.

career outcomes in food and beverage safety

The Food and Beverage Safety courses can help you pursue several career paths in manufacturing and service-based industries. Whether you want to work in a manufacturing facility, restaurant, or government agency, you can increase your qualifications with the skills learned in these courses. An industrial production manager’s role encompasses many of the concepts and applications taught in this certificate program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), industrial production managers earned a median wage of $103,150 in 2021.

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