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Defense Technologies

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Defense Technologies Overview

With over 50 years of experience preparing students to advance in the defense industry, Georgia Tech can be the perfect place for you to expand your knowledge and skills in several specialized areas. Students can choose from 14 certificate programs in areas such as antennas, cybersecurity, radar, and electronic warfare.

The Defense Technology Certificate programs at Georgia Tech are offered at our Global Learning Center in Atlanta and training sites across the United States. Take some time to review the programs we offer below and see the form above to receive more information and details on upcoming courses. Many of our Defense courses are restricted access based on residential status and/or require security clearance requirements due to the advanced material covered.

Defense Technology Certificate Program Options:
• Advanced Problem Solving
• Advanced Systems Engineering
• Antenna Engineering
• Cybersecurity
• Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Engineering
• Electromagnetic Warfare Technology
• Infrared & Electro-Optical Technology
• Modeling & Simulation
• Phased Array Antenna Engineering
• Radar Signal Processing & Techniques
• Radar Systems
• Test & Evaluation

Defense Technology Course Highlights

Antenna Engineering
Explore the theory and practice of antenna engineering by studying over 85 types of antennas, applications, and electromagnetic properties.

Modeling and Simulation of Systems Engineering
Understand the process of designing a model of a system and conducting experiments to effectively evaluate its behavior and operation.

Multi-sensor Data Fusion
Learn the process of automatically filtering, aggregating, and extracting information from multiple sensors to aid in successful military operations.

Scientific Principles of Test and Evaluation
Gain the skills and learn the statistical methods to apply test and evaluation applications to systems or products.

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